Assorted cheese at Cheese Making Weekend

Learn How to Make Cheese at Mercersburg Inn

Looking for a really gouda time? You won’t brie-lieve what we have in store for our cheese-loving guests this month! Mark your calendars and read on to learn all about the much-anticipated Cheese Making Weekend coming to Mercersburg Inn September 29th-October 1st, 2017. This is no ordinary cheese making class. It’s three days of learning the history, important tips and techniques, hands-on creation and of course, consumption of a variety of cheeses.

Meet Your Cheese Leaders

You will be in the best hands throughout the three days as you’ll be learning from the Faillace family, owners of Three Shepherds Cheese. Husband and wife Larry and Linda along with their three children Francis, Heather, and Jackie started this cheesemaking enterprise 24 years ago and have taught the craft of making cheese to nearly 4,000 students worldwide. Needless to say, they know what they’re doing and so will you after your cheese-filled weekend!

Three Shepherds Cheese has been featured in multiple publications and television shows, including the Food Network, Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart Television, Gourmet, Cooking Lite, Travel & Leisure, and many more. Their passion for food and skill for cheese have taken them around the globe and soon, they’ll be in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania to share their secrets to the art and science of all things cheese!

Course is led by Three Shepherds Cheese

Your Weekend Itinerary

Check into your beautiful room or suite! You’ll be greeted with the “Three Shepherds Artisanal Cheesemaking Manual” so you can read up on all the cheesy information and take a look at some of the recipes you’ll be learning throughout the three days. After settling in, you’ll meet Larry and Linda in the evening and they’ll give a short introductory discussion of the course, followed by – you guessed it – cheese! You’ll get to start the process as these cheeses require a full night of incubation and transformation into curds and whey.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast and get ready for a full day of cheese history, cheesemaking, and of course, cheese tasting. You’ll learn about the beginnings and principles of making cheese, the types of milk and ingredients needed, and the tools and techniques required for success that you can take home with you! Saturday’s course will leave you with the soft-ripened cheese and Quark you started the night before, as well as a full batch of Feta and whole milk Ricotta. You and your classmates will work with the Faillaces to create a signature lunch with your cheeses.

These cheeses will also be incorporated into the optional Saturday dinner, made by our own Chef Norwalk! This will be a 4-course meal with wine pairings and is only $50 per person (including tax and gratuity)!

Your cheesemaking career continues after breakfast. You will complete the cheeses made on Saturday and take part in a discussion and demonstration of salting and brining. You will also learn how to make the very popular fresh Mozzarella in addition to whey Ricotta! Your delicious reward will be a special cheese tasting and wine pairing lunch put on by Linda Faillace. Lunch is a highlight of the weekend as you’ll really get to apply the appreciation, pairing, and serving learned throughout the weekend. If you’re leaving the inn today, you’ll check out after lunch, but don’t worry, you won’t be leaving empty handed! You will have the opportunity to take several cheeses home with you in addition to the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired.

Cheese Making Class in Pennsylvania