Fall Foliage in the garden area

Fall Foliage Getaway

Whether you call it leaf-peeping season or simply fall, the changing colors around Pennsylvania are enough to inspire a fall foliage getaway.

Every year, the arrival of beautiful burnt oranges, reds, and yellows in the trees accompanies the beginning of fall. And every year, the colors come and go before you know it. This time, set aside a chance to appreciate the breathtaking Franklin County fall colors during your Pennsylvania vacation, whether you choose to hike or drive through the mountains, around the lakes, or through countryside towns.

Janet Pollard, director of the Franklin County Visitors Bureau, suggests nearby routes for enjoying fall colors.

Easy drive: “The drive on Route 30 West from the fruit stand at Shatzer’s Orchard to Route 75 is lovely. The farm fields give way to the golden, orange and crimson mountains. When the sky is blue, it is particularly lovely.”

Walk, kayak and drive: “Autumn at Caledonia State Park is special. Parking in the front lot by the replica furnace, it is nice to take a walk through the front field, looping through the park. The drive from Caledonia to Pine Grove Furnace State Park is also pretty. The trees canopy across the road.

Long Pine Run Reservoir is another beautiful site in this area. Kayakers can float to the center and enjoy the leaves surrounding them and reflecting in the water.”

Incorporate fall activities and flavors 

When many people think of the autumn season, specific flavors and aromas come to mind: pumpkin, caramel, apples, cinnamon, etc. Yum! We encourage party hosts to utilize fall treats and really give their big day a wonderful autumn feeling for them and their guests. We offer autumn vegetables and soup for dinner and autumn special drinks at the bar. Any sort of activities that give your guests the opportunity to get into the spirit of your fall wedding are sure to be a hit among friends and family alike!