The Mercersburg Inn with various bushes in front

“Fall” in Love with Fall Wedding

Imagine your dream wedding. Perhaps it will take place on a spacious lawn, or at the lobby with beautiful staircases in the turn-of-the-century Georgian mansion. No matter how you envision the big day, the Mercersburg Inn is an ideal option for every couple! Whether you picture an intimate, small-town ceremony or a big wedding surrounded by family and friends, this is the perfect property to say “I do.” Autumn leaves in the backyard

Fall Wedding

Fall is a special time at the Mercersburg Inn. The kids are all back in school, summer vacation is over, and the busy holiday season is still a few months away. This time of year, for just a short while, you can get a glimpse of what life is like in Mercersburg when things move just a little bit slower. The weather is mild and warm and leaves are changing the colors each day. It is getting cool in the morning and evening that provide a soothing background with a relaxing atmosphere. This is the perfect time of year for romance, and a great time to plan your wedding with us.

Woman Wearing White Wedding Dress With Bouquet Of Flowers

Incorporate fall activities and flavors 

When many people think of the autumn season, specific flavors and aromas come to mind: pumpkin, caramel, apples, cinnamon, etc. Yum! We encourage brides and grooms to utilize fall treats and really give their big day a wonderful autumn feeling for them and their guests. We offer autumn vegetables and soup for dinner and autumn special drinks at the bar. Any sort of activities that give your guests the opportunity to get into the spirit of your fall wedding are sure to be a hit among friends and family alike!

Seasonal Drinks on the table in the Fall