Wedding in front of the main building at the Mercersburg Inn

Seasonal Weddings

The Mercersburg Inn is a historic inn in Pennsylvania known for its hospitality and its availability as the ideal wedding venue. Unlike other wedding venues, you’ll get the chance to experience this historic building in Pennsylvania, dating back to 1909, as well as the magnificent surroundings of a turn-of-the-century Georgian mansion on five and a half acres of terraced lawns. Our Inn offers the most magical and intimate setting for a wedding to remember. Imagine having your own private mansion for the day.

Should You Get Married In Spring, Summer, Autumn Or Winter?

It’s a good question. You’ve been engaged for a year or so and you now need to decide on a date for your wedding day. Would it make more sense to get married in the spring when flowers are in full bloom or in the fall when you can see beautiful red and yellow leaves? We can’t promise to help you pick the day of the week on which to get married – week day or weekend? – but we can suggest a few reasons to pick each season. See which of the four most appeals to you below! Ask more information here.

Beautiful bride on the staircase of our PA bed and breakfast


Why would you pick any other season? Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and lives, so it’s a perfectly appropriate time of a year to get married. With crocuses, tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms beginning to bloom in the garden and grass starting to grow on the lawn, it’s a superb time to have a wedding and your photos are sure to be absolutely wonderful!!



The birds are chirping, temperatures are rising, stars are aligned, and you can order iced tea, cool beer and summer cocktails outside and entertainment that goes on long into the evening. The Inn has five and a half acres of terraced lawns. Why don’t you take advantage of the beauty of the summer at the Inn? You will definitely feel as comfortable and relaxed as you would in your own home. A summer wedding is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment with family and friends. Make yours as special and unique as you like.



With trees changing color with the temperature, autumn is the time of a year that will provide the finest wedding photographs you can imagine! With the combination of red, yellow orange leaves, you can create impressive decorations for your table setting. This is a season where you are more likely to enjoy the wedding both indoors and outdoors. Our property offers a serene and stunning atmosphere to set the stage for an autumn wedding. You can create your dream day with a quaint and beautiful setting.



The colder months are ideal for cozy weddings. Although it’s considered the “off season,” the winter is a cozy and romantic time for weddings. Isn’t it romantic to get married with Christmas decorations by the fireplace? A winter wedding is also a great opportunity to treat guests with hearty and warm meals. You can celebrate the magical, snowy beauty of the area and enjoy many activities such as skiing and snowboarding in the cold season. Your guests will enjoy a snowy weekend getaway.