Exterior of the Mercersburg Inn

The Perfect Venue for Your Retreat

Sometimes, you just need to get away from the crowds. Try to have something unique and memorable! The Mercersburg Inn is a perfect venue in Pennsylvania for various retreats, such as family reunion, group getaway, romantic getaway, corporate retreat, religious retreat, etc. We are sure that your retreat will be enjoyable and unforgettable, and a great experience with high-quality lodging and surrounding peaceful natural settings in Pennsylvania.


Mercersburg Inn Dressing Room


Group Getaway

One of the most important decisions for your group’s getaway is deciding where to stay. Therefore, the Mercersburg Inn is here to help with that decision, offering a wide variety of comfortable and affordable lodgings, delicious food and drinks for your large group.

Corporate Retreat

Plan your corporate event at the Mercersburg Inn and have your own private mansion for the day. We will help you have a flawless event that your company will rave about for years to come. Check out for more details by clicking here.

Meeting room Corporate Meeting in a common area at the Mercersburg Inn

Hobby Retreat

Everyone knows it’s important to have a hobby, especially when it’s one that you share with a circle of friends. Quilters, cooks, writers, painters, photographers, and artists of all kind are welcome, and there are plenty of space for your group all over the inn. Our lovely Inn is stunning, serene, and the perfect place to gather together and take inspiration from nature. Our quiet and comfy rooms provide an excellent respite from the outside world and allow for contemplation and focus.


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

To make every retreat special, we are thrilled to bring you all the best food and entertainment during your stay with us! Guests enjoy a hearty three-course country gourmet breakfast, chef’s original lunch and fine dining dinner at private tables in the dining room during the retreat. In addition, the bar is open and guests can have nice drinks, mingle, and have a great time. See the menu here.


Game Room

Our Game Room is certainly a favorite for our guests. Take a break, play games, read books and watch TV.