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Wild Trout Fishing

Trout Fishermen love Franklin County’s freestone streams with wild Brown and Brook Trout. The Conococheague Creek has two branches. One branch has its source in the northwest corner of Franklin County. The East Branch increases in width as it flows through Caledonia State Park and Michaux State Forest. The shade of the forest and many springs along the route keep the water cool. Eventually the course comes together near Greencastle, goes into Maryland and flows to the Potomac River. There are pocket populations of wild Brown Trout all along both branches of the Conococheague Creek.

The Conococheague Creek has its source in the western part of the county and flows into Letterkenny Reservoir, past Roxbury on its way to the Susquehanna River. Several spring and spring creeks flow into the Conodoguinet where pockets of wild trout are found.

The Antietam Creek also has two branches. The East Branch of the Antietam Creek has its source in the Waynesborough Reservoir. There are populations of wild rook trout in the tributaries that feed the lake and are downstream from the reservoir. The West Branch of the Antietam Creek has its source in the South Mountain region of Franklin County, where there are pockets of wild Rainbow Brown and Brook Trout along the route. The two branches join north of Franklin County with Maryland and flow into the Potomac River.

There are several spring creeks within 25 miles of Chambersburg. The Falling Spring is one of the most popular wild trout streams in the U.S. Presidents, senators and other celebrities have fished these waters for more than 100 years.

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